A Safe and Natural Birth

The ease of which childbirth was accomplished in Inidgenous tribes stands in stark contrast to the phenomal rate of birth interventions and cesarean birth's in the Western world. Today, modern Mother's and Infants suffer needlessly as a result of a birth process that is out of balance. I will explain you why, and I will give you specific methods on how you can change this!

Indigenous People Had Safe and Natural Births

“A similar impressive comment was made to me by Dr. Romig, the superintendent of the government hospital for Eskimos and Indians at Anchorage, Alaska. He stated that in his thirty-six years among the Eskimos, he had never been able to arrive in time to see a normal birth by a primitive Eskimo woman. But conditions have changed materially with the new generation of Eskimo girls, born after their parents began to use foods of modern civilization. Many of them are carried to his hospital after they had been in labor for several days.” Price, W. Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

After the adoption of "white man's" foods of commerce, like processed sugar, white flour, jam's, coffee and chocolate, many groups of Indigenous women lost their heritage for easy births.

Why Indigenous People Had Safe & Births

“I presented data indicating that the Peruvians, who were descendants of the old Chimu culture on the coast of Peru, used fish eggs liberally during the developmental period of girls in order that they might perfect their physical preparation for the later responsibility of motherhood. These fish eggs were an important part of the nutrition of the women during their reproductive period." Price, W. Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

Many Indigenous groups prepared young girls for motherhood by feeding them special foods throughout their childhood and teenage years. Special diets included liberal amounts of fat soluble vitamins (A,D,E,K) and a solid supply of nutrients from a diet consisting entirely of whole and carefully cultivated foods. Special foods fed to girls include, fish eggs, butter, cheese, milk and cream from cows that eat rapidly growing spring/summer grass, organs of land animals, insects, and sea foods that include at least some of the organs and the heads.

Modern Food Interferes with a Full Pelvic Brim

I showed here some examples of how modern food interfere's with the full development of our children's facial structure. As a result, their teeth become crowded, they may have pinched nostrils, and an otherwise not fully developed face.

Modern food also inhibits the full and natural development of a round pelvic brim (the inside of the pelvis).

Wide / Narrow Waist Birth
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"White Girl Scouts, New Zealand. Note the progressive lengthening and narrowing of the face and narrowing of the hips in the younger girl at the left."

"The effect of this narrowing of the body, which in girls results in the boyish type of figure due to the narrowing of the hips, introduces an entirely new and serious problem in the experience of our modern civilization when confronted with the problems of childbirth." Price, W Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

Changes in Facial Form in Brother's and Sisters

Wide / Narrow face Indigenous
(image copyright ppnf.org)

Notice how the overal shape and form of these brother's and sister's faces are different. For example, the faces are less round and square, the middle of the face does not come forward. These changes are due to the parent's and offspring eating modern foods.

Likewise in many cases, due to modern foods, there is also a corresponding change to the diameter of women's pelvises.

Fully Formed Pelvic Brim

Wide Pelvic Brim Birth

Narrowing of of Pelvic Brim

Narrowed Pelvic Brim Birth Difficulties

The green shapes correspond to the pelvic brim.

Like the narrowing and poor development of facial features, a majority of modern women now experience a narrowing or improper development of the internal circumference of their hips. One can imagine, that the widest possible internal diameter, and the round shape, would be the most ideal for an easy birth.

NOTE: Pelvis shape does not correlate with the need to have cesarean, see below.

Finally, as a yoga practioner for many years, I have seen many people who due to slight postural abonormalities, have signficant bands of tension within their body. In other words, a small physical imbalance or imperfection in the bone structure, can create habitually tight tendons. For some, this tightness could prevent a baby from rotating into the correct position, or could limit the motility to birth naturally. Thus, improper nutrition, creating poor posture and excess tension in the body, can contribute to difficulties in birth.

In addition to the health status and nutrtional status of a Mother at the time of birth, the shape and diameter of the pelvic brim, and the tightness of the surrounding tendons and ligaments, as a factor of nutrition and physical development, provides a clear explanation, of why some women have easy, even ecstatic births, and other's do not.

A Program for Creating a Safe Birth

It would be unfair of me to leave you with a sense of hopelessness about birth, since as adults, there is little we can do that I am aware of to affect the shape of the pelvic brim.

However, despite this disadvantage, an extermely high percentage of women are still capable of having safe and natural births. The difficulty is only in women wanting to have natural births, and in finding birth care providers who understand the difficulties modern women face with birth, and who know ways to naturally overcome these difficulties. A comprehensive program is provided on this page.

Dr. Kathleen Vaughn, who studied the births of women in rural India, concluded two addition keys for a successful and safe childbirth:

  1. flexible joints;
  2. and natural position for birth (for example, squatting)

Dr. Vaugh wrote: "In practically all countries a restricted sedentary indoor life greatly increases the complications associated with childbirth." In other words, if you want to have a healthy child, you need to move your body lots.

Prepare your Physical Body For Birth

Nutrition, Labor and Birth

"It is a usual experience that the difficulties of labor are greatly decreased and the strength and vitality of the child enhanced where the mother has adequately reinforced nutrition.." Price, W. Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

Adequately reinforced nutrition refers to a diet containing "milk, green vegetables, sea foods, organs of animals and a reinforcement of the fat-soluble vitamins by very high vitamin butter and high vitamin cod liver oil." Price, W. Nutrition and Physical Degeneration (High vitamin butter oil can be replaced by 1-4 daily tablespoons of yellow grassfed butter.) Such a diet is described on the Pregnancy and Health Diet Page.

Prepare your Emotional Body for Birth

  • Find a birth care provider that you feel comfortable with.
  • Journal, talk about, learn about your personal fears associated with birth and pregnancy.
  • Ask yourself, “What do I need to Feel supported?”
  • Watch video's, take classes, or do anything else to help you see if you feel prepared for birth, and to help you realize your fears around birth.

Prepare your Mental Body for Birth

  • Visualizing a safe birth, reading birth stories along with reading and learning about healthy birth practices.
  • Preparing for possible complications, and knowing and understanding what they mean.

Preparing your Spiritual Body for Birth

Pray, and ask for spiritual help and guidance.

Natural Birth Labor Tips

Special Foods Before, After and During Labor

Diet Before Labor

“Lubrication Formula (We Want to Live) (3 Weeks Before Birth)
1-2 raw organic eggs
2-4 ounces raw butter
1-2 tablespoons lemon juice
1-2 teaspoons unheated honey

All ingredients should be room temperature. Warm all ingredients in a jar with the lid on immersed in a bowl of mildly hot water for 5 minutes. Blenderize on medium speed for 10 seconds. The formula is most affective when consumed with, or shortly after, a meat meal. “Drinking the Drink for moisturizing and lubrication daily 3 weeks before baby is due helps ease birth and prevent tearing of tissue during birth.”

"Five days prior to the due date, and continued to do date, add 2 tablespoons of bee pollen with about 2 tablespoons of unsalted raw cheese." Vonderplanitz, A. Recipie for Living Without Disease

Diet During Labor/Birth

  • Ghee to quicken labor
  • Unheated honey diluted in warm water for weakness
  • Many herbs can be used, but I have not done the appropriate research

Diet After Labor/Birth

If you have no appetite, "eat nothing, with the possible exception of the afterbirth, which contains an extremely alkaline and beneficial hormone." Bieler, H. Dr. Bieler's Way to Natural Sexual Health

Homemade broth soup, especially fish broth, for at least 4 days after birth.

Midwives, Trust and Saftey with Birth

What seems to be lacking as a regular part of the birthing experience is a feeling of safety. I want to invoke the spirit of trust and safety for all the birth's on this planet, both and and in the future. Please join me energetically for a moment if you will. The feeling of trust can be envisioned by connecting to both the feeling in your physical body, the feeling that it is safe to be here, and okay to be alive, with the feeling of surrendering to a greater will. Combine the feeling of safety with the knowing and the sense that there is a greater plan for our life, that has our best interest in mind, and that we can surrender and fit into this plan.

I realized that trust was a key factor missing from the birth processes in the US when I came across the Spinning Babies I really felt Gail embodies in my opinion creating safety on the physical level of birth. She understands women's bodies, and understands the complications, and does not fear them. To me it was enlightening to feel that you can embody safety and trust around birth.

One important factor to ensure a safe birth, is a positive, healthy, and communicative relationship with your birth care provider. You want to feel trust with whomever you choose, a connection, and a sense that they will act in your best interest.

One study showed that women attended by midwives are 30% less likely to undergo Cesarean section compared to those attended by physicians. Furthermore, a diagnosis of fetal distress is made 50% less often in babies delivered by midwives, compared to those delivered by physicians.

Cesarean Birth's

While nobody can no for sure what a healthy rate of cesaren births is, our country has crossed a thick black line in terms of violating women and children with the excessive and uneeded use of cesaren births. "The number of cesarean deliveries has increased from 5.5% of US births in 1970 to 29.1% in 2004, according to the National Center for Health Statistics." Townsend Letter (middle of the page)

Cesarean's For the Wrong Reasons

“[H]alf of the Cesarean sections performed in the U.S. are unnecessary...decisions concerning the need for Cesarean delivery seem to be influenced more by social, economic, and physicians' personal reasons, than by medical factors. This is well illustrated by the fact that those women who are at highest risk of pregnancy complications and who would benefit the most from a Cesarean section are the least likely to receive it. On the other hand, indications such as previous Cesarean, slow or difficult labor or delivery, presentation of the rear of the baby at the uterine cervix and fetal distress, are the main reason for performing a C-section, even though these conditions have been least clearly associated with benefits for the fetus and the mother." Social Science Medicine, 1993

Elective Cesarean Birth's are more Dangerous than Natural Birth

"Elective cesareans cause more infant deaths than would occur with low-risk vaginal births. More than twice as many babies are lost!" Birth, 2006

When Cesarean's are Really Needed

Drugs and medical procedure's are not necessarily bad or wrong in themselves. They are bad and wrong when used inappropriately. In the 1970's, the rate of cesarean birth's in the United States, was 5.5%. There is no reason for this figure to be higher today. I believe with midwives who understand techniques for special birth positioning, with mother's who prepare their bodies before births, as described in the Safe Birth Plan, then the rate of cesarean birth's should be far lower than the 5.5%.

Cesarean births are needed with a condition called, "cephalopelvic disproportion," this occurs when the babies head cannot fit through the birth canal. There is only one way to know if the baby fits for sure, to follow the ACOP guidelines of two hours in labor, "To confirm the diagnosis of lack of progress, ACOG recommends that women be in the active phase of labor and show no change in cervical dilatation or descent of the fetal presenting part for at least 2 hours."

There are numerous benifits to attempting labor even when Cesarean birth's seem likely. You never know unless you try.

A Child Centered Birth Experience, A Birth Without Violence

The revolutionary book (online for free) that helped improve birth in the west. Dr. Frederick Leboyer points out the trauma that regularly happens as humans enter the world. The tiny creature, new to life, is born to loud sounds, blinding lights, placed on cold metal objects, and even poked and prodded.

Birth needs to become a safe nuturing enviorment that supports mother and child bonding, and that honors the real feelings and needs of the hyper sensitive infant entering into the world.

Keep the Umbilical Cord Intact

During birth, in order to decrease the size of the infant, Nature, in her wisdom, transfers a significant portion of the babies blood into the placenta. Thus, it is insane to cut an umbilical cord early, before the blood has completely returned to the baby and drained from the placenta. While it is arguable how long the cord should stay intact, the minimum time, is when all of the blood has finished transfering from the placenta and into the infant. This blood provides oxygen, nutrients, and the seeds for a healthy and robust life. Learn more about the umbilical cord at Lotus Birth.

, Breastfeeding and Child Abandonment

There is no reason to ever take an infant away from it's mother. Usually emergencies after birth relating to an infants failure to thrive are preventable. Medical interventions, like drugs, and early umbilical cord clamping, and a failure to create a healthy internal environment prior to conception and during pregnancy, could result in a situation where the infant is in distress after birth. While I am not an expert in this area, I can tell you that we can prevent most of these conditions, and that are methods of treating infants under distress are usually barbaric.

A better system would understand the needs of the infant. The infants needs are, to be with his mother, to suckle, to breathe, to stay warm, and to not be poked, prodded, or injected.

As a reminder, you want to have a human (mother, father, grandmother, aunt, uncle, ect) continually holding your baby after birth, preferably with skin to skin contact, do not set your baby down outside of physical contact.

The infant must be breastfed on cue.

The infant must not be circumsized or vaccinated. (That is unless you beleive in poisoning and violating babies.)

Circumcision Is Violence and Male Gential Mutilation

St. Vincent Nurses Speak Out against Circumcision

The Pain of Circumcision
Charles Antonelli speaks out

Doctors Speak Out About Circumcision

Our Modern Way of Living is Over

For thousands of years later, many times without assistance, Mother's would perform the ancient right of birth. The birth was of little conequence because these mother's where prepared, with role models as children on how to give birth, and with a special type of nutrition that ensured that their bodies where capable of an easy birth, due to a well formed pelvic brim and body, a storage of nutrients for birth, that creates a spacious birth canal free from tension.

Today our Mother's and children suffer needlessly in the birth process from a variety of factors.

Most of these factors are now preventable.

We are called upon to change how we live, and who we are, because we are drowning in pain and suffering due to our ignorance of nature, and ignorance of our own divine selves.

So I offer you a prayer.

I pray you are led from untruth to truth, from darkness to light, from death to immortality. I pray for peace for yourself and your child. May there be peace on Earth!

Amazing Grace, Healing our Children

The life your child was meant to live is not supposed to be filled with suffering. Many causes of children's suffering can be substantially reduced.

  1. Ideally a preconception health program is followed by both the father and mother, prior to conception.
  2. Then during pregnancy, and lactation, special care is taken with the diet of the mother.
  3. You give your child luscious nurturing with constant and consistent and love from his mother.
  4. You feed your child special foods during their growing years, avoid the foods of modernization, and avoid toxic environmental hazards like vaccines.
  5. You send your child to an alternative school so they are not brainwashed into a world that believes in suffering, fear and violence. But rather a school or community that supports, pleasure, self expression, creativity, love, and the divine masculine and feminine aspects which are apart of humanity.

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