Healthy Pregnancy and Lactation Diet and Nutrition

Many groups of Indigenous people were guided by the "great power" to watch what animals ate. We now are being called upon to watch what healthy Indigenous people ate, so that we can have healthy pregnancies and healthy children.

An Unnoticed Tragedy

Daily a profound tragedy plays itself out, unnoticed, our pregnant and lactating mother's are starving for nutrients, and hence, their children are deprived of essential body building factors. This depravation, combined with modern life depleted foods, causes many types of illnesses, and makes our children unfit for life.

Dietary Guidelines Pregnancy and Lactation

Calcium Phosphorus Fat-Soluble Vitamin A Fat-Soluble Vitamin D Percentage of Calories from Fat
2.20+ grams 3.40+ grams 5,000-20,000+ IU 800-2,000+ IU 40-60% +
No synthetic vitamins!

Foods to Be Eaten Daily


Activators Daily, Choose One Row*

A. 1.5 teaspoons, a mixture of high vitamin butter oil and high vitamin (or fermented) cod liver oil, best taken 2 or 3 times daily in ½ teaspoon increments and/or
B. 1.5-3 ounces of a grass fed animal liver, or wild fish liver with
1-4 tablespoons of Summer Butter, (deep yellow colored) and/or
C. 1/3 - 3 tablespoons of wild caught fish eggs

2-4+ tablespoons of raw unsalted grassfed butter

16-48+ ounces (2-6+ cups) of whole fat raw grassfed milk; cow, goat or sheep

2-6 whole eggs, from chickens raised on pastures **

2-6 ounces of a very high quality raw, grassfed cheese; cow, goat, or sheep

1-2 tablespoons of organic extra virgin coconut oil

Ample amounts of fresh vegetables and fresh fruits, Dark leafy green vegetables (should be cooked), Carrots, and Fermented Vegetables

6 ounces or more of Bone Broth for trace minerals and gelatin. Examples: chicken stock, fish stock, or beef stock

Consider oily fish or lard daily, for vitamin D (note, beef fat, know as suet or tallow may have more vitamin D than lard)

Lacto-Fermented condiments and laco-fermented beverages, such as Sauerkraut and Beet Kvass

Foods to Eat Several Times Per Week

Make sure that you are eating two of these three categories of foods several times weekly,

  1. raw grassfed dairy
  2. sea food that includes the organs
  3. organs of land animals***

Eat fresh wild caught seafood including, shellfish, such as, crab, lobster, shrimp, oyster’s, clams. (From Clean Waters)

Fresh beef or lamb, the muscle meat, raised on a pasture, always consumed with the fat several times per week, cooked medium rare, and/or marinated for several hours and/or eaten in the same meal with bone broth or cooked in a stew. (It is acceptable to eat the organs of beef or lamb and forgo the muscle meat.)

I do not recommend the use of most whole grains.

3-4 ounces fresh grassfed or wild liver, at least once or twice per week (One of the most ideal foods for pregnancy and lactation, learn about the saftey of Vitamin A)

Quinoa, for the time of lactation, (must undergo at least a 12 hour fermentation)

Seaweed – can sometimes be a healthy source of much needed trace minerals. (Seaweed is not a good source of fat-soluble vitamins or activating substances

Additional Special Foods

Make sure to eat least one of these foods regularly
(for example, several times weekly)

Crab or lobster, including the mustard or tomalley (from pure waters)

Fish Eggs

Milk, Butter, or Cream, obtained when the animals are eating freshly growing green grass (High Vitamin Butter Oil)


Organs and Glands (Must be from 100% grass fed, no hormone or antibiotic animals, or wild fish) Thyroid, Intestines, Liver, Bone Marrow, Tongue, Eye’s, Brain, Kidney, Gonads, Thymus, Heart, obtained from animals eating freshly growing grass, or fish during the time when they are egg bearing. Organs and glands will help nourish your body, they are important to eat.

Organic or Wild crafted Red Raspberry Leaf Tea: Use tea daily or several times per day throughout pregnancy.

Strictly Avoid these Modernized Foods

Sugar – White Sugar, Brown Sugar, Organic Sugar, Evaporated Cane Juice, Corn Syrup, Commercial Jams

Flour & Grain Products – White Flour, Wheat Flour, Organic Flour, any unsoaked grain products. Examples: bread, crackers, cookies, doughnuts, breakfast cereals, muffins, pastries, tortillas, bagels, and sandwiches

Hydrogenated Oils - like Margarine, and Low quality vegetable oils, Vegetable Oil, Soybean Oil and Criscto.

Any type of junk, convenience food, or modern fast foods

Coffee, Soft Drinks, Nutrasweet, and anything with artificial flavors, artificial colors, or artificial ingredients

Soymilk, Protein Powder, and Excess Tofu

Alcohol, Cigarettes, and Drugs (including most prescription drugs & vaccines)

Trust Your Instincts During Pregnancy

These are guidelines, not rigid expectations that have to be precisely followed. However I take great effort to avoid the unhealthy foods. Particularly, in the final stages of pregnancy, your appetite might very widely, trust these instincts. After the birth, you may not feel hungry at all, trust that feeling and do not force yourself to eat. Your body may have cravings for certain things, so for example: for two weeks you might eat lots of lamb, and only some fish. Then it could switch, you eat lots of fish, and very little red meat. Overall, try to make sure you are eating a balanced menu as these guidelines suggest, but it may be too rigid for you to try to eat all these foods every single day. Taking a break from certain foods, and eating more of other foods can be balancing.

* Weston Price successfully used the mixture of equal parts high vitamin butter oil and cod liver to improve pregnancy health, to stop tooth decay, and to help heal and regrow bones. These food supplements can be replaced with their equivalent whole food versions, or with a good quantity of fish eggs daily.

** One source suggests eating eggs 5 days on, 2 days off, if you are prone to miscarriage.

***The liver's of small animals, like squirrels and guinea pigs during certain seasons may be used, as well as insects during certain times of the year might count as fourth and fifth categories of food. I do not know what times of the year this would be, but it would be when they are in abundance. I did not list these are foods a majority of us do not eat.

**** Vitamins are not to be obtained from synthetic source

Dietary guidelines adopted from the Weston A. Price Foundation Diet for Pregnancy and Lactation.

Overwhelmed with Animal Foods?

If you have problems physically assimilating all these animal foods products, or if your body does not crave more, than do not eat more. One solution is to have animal proteins and fats frequently, but in smaller portions (1-3 ounces, several times daily). Eating animal proteins with fats consistently, while listening to the body and not consuming excess, in addition to copious amounts of vegetables, will help promote pregnancy and lactation health.

Sources for some Special Foods for Pregnancy and Lactation

High Vitamin Cod Liver Oil: Live Superfoods or Green Pastures (also has fermented cod liver oil).

Cod Liver Oil: Maker's Diet and Carlson's Brand

High Vitamin Butter Oil: Live Superfoods or Green Pastures butter oil is a food based supplement of concentrated spring or summer yellow butter.

Yellow Butter: Anchor Butter, (1-888-869-6455 to find a local Anchor Supplier), Kerrigold Butter, Jana Valley Butter. Local butter's purchased during the spring and summertime when the cows eat rapidly growing grass are available at: - a campaign for wholesome real milk. The imported butters should be available from your local natural food store.

Bone Marrow & Grassfed Liver: US Wellness Meats (Get 25% US Wellness Meats with coupon code: USW25) or - grass-fed animal food sources.

Fish Eggs: Sometimes at your local fish merchant, or as various types of caviars from wild fish. The last option is cost prohibitive for most.

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Natural and Healthy Pregnancy Diet Introduction
Through proper nutrition , weakness and disease in children can be substantially reduced. The best time to start implementing superb nutrition in the diet is prior to conception.

Healthy Pregnancy for Indigenous People
Weston Price not only catalogued the physical disease and degeneration experienced by the indigenous groups who had abandoned their native diet, he also proved why these sad outcomes occurred.

Data on Unhealthy / Disease Promoting Pregnancy Diets
It is quite easy to cause and unhealthy pregnancy. If the body is deprived of essential nutrients for a prolonged period...

Types of Foods In Unhealthy Pregnancy Diet
Here are some of the key ingredients of the modern diet. These foods are to be strictly avoided if you want have a healthy pregnancy.

Healthy Pregnancy Diets based on Indigenous Diets
The Secret to Indigenous Health is the Liberal Use of Fat-Soluble Vitamins

Guidelines for a Healthy Pregnancy Based on Indigenous Diets Every successful indigenous group producing a high immunity to disease and healthy babies used fat-soluble vitamins liberally.

More Healthy Indigenous Diets
I have briefly summarized some other healthy indigenous food habits.

How our Modern Diet Fails Pregnant Women
Here the guidelines for pregnancy intakes are compared with average intakes from indigenous diets mentioned in the pregnancy diet section of this website.

Disease during Pregnancy No Longer Such a Mystery
Since our modern diet lacks nutrients, many diseases in pregnancy and in new born children, like birth defects are explainable the scientific fact that many women do not have enough nutrients prior to and during pregnancy.

Good Nutrition for Pregnancy
Good nutrition is the foundation of a more comfortable pregnancy, a safer birth, and the creation of a child with optimum physical health.

Nutrient Rich Foods for Pregnancy
There is no good reason why we, with our modern system of transportation, cannot provide an adequate quantity of the special foods for preparing women for pregnancy quite as efficiently as the primitive races who often had to go long distances without other transportation than human carriers.

Balanced Pregnancy Diet Outline
In indigenous cultures, each generation passed along the customs of health and vitality to the next. In our modern culture we have lost this tradition.

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