Pregnancy Book, Healing Our Children - Because Your New Baby Matters!

Sacred Wisdom for the times of Preconception, Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting (ages 0-6)

Pregnancy book Healing Our Children reveals the true causes of diseases in pregnancy and in our young children. More than just a book, it is an engaging true account of how our civilization has gone awry. Whether you are seeking truthful health knowledge, or just want to have a healthy baby, Healing our Children removes all shades of grey, and shows, at last, how our choices are causing the very suffering we are seeking to avoid.

There is a natural way to reduce your risk of: birth defects by 1602%, miscarriage by 640%, premature births by 315% and reverse infertility in 78.4% of the cases —- and doctors and midwives don’t know about it. Utilizing the wisdom of doctors such as Hippocrates, Noble Prize winning Alex Carrel, and author of Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, Dr. Weston Price, father and natural health author, Ramiel Nagel reveals the actual cause of the following diseases (so you can prevent them):

• Birth Defects
• Sudden Infant Death
• Autism
• Infertility
• Colic
• Tooth Decay
• Miscarriage
• Infant Mortality
• Morning sickness
• Premature Birth
• Scoliosis
• Postpartum Depression
• Mental Disabilities

The true cause of these diseases is our toxic foods, our toxic medicines, our toxic environment, and our toxic world. While the current medical paradigm blindly believes that such and such disease will be cured in the future, Nagel reveals how these diseases are largely treatable, and completely preventable, today. Because Healing Our Children is about opening up to life, and about embracing a more loving and compassionate way of being. Healing Our Children includes 44 vivid photographs and 34 lucid illustrations, with easy-to-comprehend text and engaging stories from Nagel’s personal life.

In addition here you will discover how you can:
• Significantly decrease your chances of birth complications
• Have a well proportioned baby
• Have a child with 20/20 or better vision
• Have a child who meets or exceeds the intelligence level for his age group
• Create a healthy pregnancy
• Shorten your recovery time after birth
• Substantially reduce your child’s risk for every disease
• Free your children from the lies, hypocrisy, and propaganda of government agencies and pharmaceutical corporations that promote and create disease.
• Nurture your child with vital parenting practices that have created healthy and happy children for millennia

Finally, Healing Our Children contains over twenty activities, in which you can take steps, to expand your consciousness, and to invite in a more alive, peaceful and abundant existence. Healing Our Children also includes with hard earned wisdom about mothering from Michelle.

What is Wrong with Other Books on Pregnancy

Other books on pregnancy usually repeat mainstream advice about parenting and pregnancy. They may advocate a low fat, or a high protein diet. They do not suggest avoiding foods that are toxic to your body or baby. And they are full of advice that does not support motherhood well.

Healing Our Children Pregnancy Book Outline

Part I - The Plague

While in today's world we are taught to fear a plague, there is a real plague happening on the planet today. The first section of the book documents the plague of modern civilization using wisdom for some of the worlds greatest health practitioners and with 30 vivid photographs taken by Dr. Weston Price in the 1930's. For those familiar with the work of Dr. Price, healing our children distills his essential knowledge about children's health in one easy to grasp text with practical guidelines.

Chapter 1 - The Cause of Disease as Related to Pregnancy, Birth and Children

Readers go through a journal about the theory of health and disease. Are we responsible for disease that happens, Nagel inquires? We learn about a pushed away theory of disease, that empowers you to understand what really causes illness, from the physical, to the spiritual.

Chapter 2 - “Thy food shall be thy remedy” - Hippocrates

While the mainstream culture believes disease to be based upon genetic tendencies, Nagel shows you how this not only untrue, but impossible. Something has radically changed, when for countless generations, because across the globe have been living in fine health, until, they encounter modern civilization, with its modern foods of commerce. Here you will see radical pictures, which make it easy for you to see the truth about health and disease for yourself.

Chapter 3 - Our Modernized Ways Cause Diseases in Our Children’s Bodies

With compelling photographs and testimonies, Nagel shows you how degenerative disease is created in children. The plague that infects our children's body is not a virus, or bacteria, but it is something more profound, it is how we are living.

Chapter 4 - The Origin of Many Birth Defects

With the common of the modern man and his foods of commerce came a plague. Nagel reveals how birth defects are caused by vitamin deficiencies and toxins in the womb. There no longer needs to be a mystery about it, birth defects are a result of our modern "civilized" diet and way of living.

Part II - Nutritional Wisdom - For Preconception, Pregnancy, and Lactation

Rather than simply espousing theories of what the problem in the world is today, Nagel gives you solutions that you can start practicing today. Nagel will show you what indigenous people ate, and how to obtain high quality foods in the modern world.

Chapter 5 - Indigenous Versus Modern Dietary Standards

In the early chapters the reader see pictures of how modern foods cause disease, but the question remains, why? This chapter answers the questions of what is wrong with the modern diet. It also reveals several dietary charts created by Dr. Price, that are being republished here for the first time in 70 years. The charts give a detailed analysis and explanation of healthy native diets, and diseased modern diets. You will see, after reading this chapter, that disease in pregnancy and in our children is no longer a mystery. Pregnancies undertaken with insufficent nutrition will lead to a child that is not as strong as they could have been.

Chapter 6 - Dietary Guidelines For Preconception, Pregnancy, and Lactation

In indigenous groups across the planet, special foods were given to mothers, not just when they were pregnant, but before they were pregnant, for one purpose only - to make a healthy child. With our modern system of transportation, these foods should be abundantly available to all pregnant mothers so that we have healthy children in our culture. But rather, hardly any women even know what these special high nutrient foods are, or even worse, our modern medical establishment suggest mother's not eat this marvelous foods. Here is the practical dietary wisdom, that Nagel and his spouse Michelle have developed over the past four years which resulted in their second child, Yeshe, being superbly healthy. The guidelines were originally adopted when Nagel's first daughter, Sparkle, developed severe tooth cavities.

Chapter 7- Preconception, Fertility & Pregnancy Vitality

Now is the time to make a case for preconception health. This chapter gives a step by step program, that can be employed before your next child is conceived, to ensure that your child has the maximum health and vitality possible. There are also concrete guidelines for avoiding harm to the developing baby, as well as making your pregnancy more vital, and healthy. The wisdom is based upon indigenous cultures from across the planet.

Part III - Healing Our Children

The framework is now well established to create a robust and nourished child, but now what? How do you apply the principals learned in concrete day to day terms. How do you raise a child whose heart is capable of a higher type of enjoyment? This and far more are revealed in the final part of the book.

Chapter 8 - Childbirth Enabling the Divine Purpose of the Universe

Through birth you experience your divine purpose.

"You are here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold. That is how important you are." (The Power of Now)

While in our modern world, we don't value the mother, here we examine just how important you are, and just how important the birth of your baby is. This is a survey of the most holistic and mother affirming birth practices available today. It helps you, take control of your right to have a healthy child, in a safe and comfortable way. Also, for the first time, Nagel explains what the root cause of birth difficulties are in our culture. You will get a detailed plan with easy to follow instructions in the book, of ways to optimize your chances of a safe birth without any complications. This chapter shows, how in the coming generation, we can eliminate all birth difficulties.

Chapter 9 - Only to Be With You Your New Baby’s Perspective

Your new babies deepest and most intimate longing is to be held in your arms. There is no greater peace, and no greater joy for your new baby. Here you learn about how your new baby "imprints" the world, so that you can honor her innate needs respectfully. We also examine the tragic child raising practices of the west, and with detailed illustrations and drawings you will see how to nurture your child in a loving way. Other special topics include, the role of the Father, Slings, Car Seats, Circumcision, and how to encourage your child's healthy individuation.

Chapter 10 - Parenting the Center of Your Longing

What else has more meaning and purpose in life than to be a parent?

In chapter 10 we learn about right and wrong ways to parent. The correct way of parenting, is based on love and compassion. This is were we listen to our babies cues, and do our best to understand them. Parenting is also an opportunity to grow emotionally and spiritually. Rather than parenting being a daunting challenge, the right attitude can turn even the most difficult times as a parent into an opporunity of new hope. Here we learn about being a role model, health and safety boundaries, the continuum concept, and our real purpose in life. We also learn about the not so terrible two's.

Chapter 11 Vaccines Kill Innocent Children

Many parents are confused about vaccines without accurate knowledge about them. This chapter is summed up in it's title, vaccines kill innocent children. And that is the sad truth. Here the myth of vaccination is dismantled, and we look at the facts of studies, and statistics comparing vaccinated and non vaccinated groups, as well as vaccine programs throughout the last hundred years. The evidence is overwhelmingly clear that vaccines are complete failure. Parents also begin to learn how to give their children true immunity to disease, heal from vaccine peer pressure, and a close examination of the real causes of many diseases we believed to be caused by germs. When these are in fact, caused by toxins in our food and environment.

Chapter 12 School the Enslavement of Our Children

For a majority of parents, their child getting good grades in school is a triumphant acheivement that they can brag about to their friends. But what are we really teaching our children in school? I reveal that the real lesson of school is subjugation. We are teaching our children to be controlled, to be lifeless, to be dumb and numbed out to life. We have a great urgency to change the way we school our children, if we are to create a safe and crime free society for our children.

Chapter 13 Feeding Our Children

The parents of healthy children know what to feed their children. Here is describe the key principals to feeding your children so they will be superbly healthy. It includes special foods used by native people, from pages 5 months through the teen years.

Chapter 14 Amazing Grace!

Amazing grace is the sweet sound of victory. Here we learn finally, through the journey of the book, the real cause and prevention for a signficant number of disease conditions in pregnancy and childhood. When you know the cause, then you can prevent them.

Promote the Prevention of Birth Defects
Promote the Prevention of SIDS
Promote the Prevention of Mental
Disabilities & Learning Disabilities
Promote the Prevention of Autism
Promote the Prevention of Colic
Promote the Prevention of Tooth Decay
Promote the Prevention of Post-Partum Depression
Promote the Prevention of Miscarriage and Other Illnesses of Pregnancy
Promote the Prevention of Pre-Mature Birth
Promote the Prevention of Scoliosis
Promote the Creation of a Child
That is Super-Intelligent
Promote the Creation of a Child Who is Strong, Attractive, and Who Has Straight Teeth
Promote the Creation of a Child Who is Highly Immune to Disease
Promote the Creation of a Child Who Has Vision Equal to Or Greater Than 20/20
Promote the Creation of a Child Who is Calm, Peaceful, and Compassionate
Integrating the Principles of Promoting Disease Prevention For Our Children
In the Coming Generation Learn How We Can, Eliminate Birth Complications & Childhood Disease

The book ends with a message of hope, and an invitation for grace to enter into your life and your child's life.

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Healthy Pregnancy & Parenting Book

Pregnancy Books Healing Our Children

Healing Our Children reveals that each disease of pregnancy and childhood can be prevented naturally. The secrets of having a vibrant, healthy child are explained in easy to grasp terms.

Learn how to:
·substantially reduce your child's risk for disease.
·reduce your risk of birth defects by 1602%, miscarriage by 640%, and premature births by 315%.
·reverse infertility with 78.4% success eating real food.
·raise your child so they feel loved, honored and cherished.

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Notes From Readers:

  • Healing Our Children will serve as an important tool in reversing the now obvious trend to physical degeneration and restoring vibrant health to all children.

    Sally Fallon, President,
    Weston A. Price Foundation

  • I've read over 12 books on this topic and this is my number one book to the extent that it's become my bible, in that I've read it over 5 times and my husband has also read it. Ramiel's book really helped us along this journey and I can't recommend this book enough. It's truly is life changing!! If you are going to buy a diet / nutritional / lifestyle book for pre-pregnancy, pregnancy or for children, this book would be my number one choice.

    Jena Morris - Australia

  • My daughter just turned 5 and we adopted the recommendations you mention in the book. I have to say that I have never seen her that happy. Always in a good mood and I've never seen a baby that smiley.

    Serge, Mother from

  • If you are planning to have a child, be sure to read the book, "Healing Our Children."
    "Healing Our Children" will help you prepare for a healthy pregnancy and also contribute to the health and wellness of your entire family.

    Pam Killeen,
    NY Times Best selling Author

    This truly is a book to heal our future generation of children!
  • Pam Killeen,
    NY Times Best selling Author

    This book is a treasure for new families, for all those who are planning on having children or already have young kids.

    Olga, Mother from California
  • Ramiel Nagel's book "Healing Our Children", lovingly provides holistic perspectives on the many facets of parenting and family life. Through the guidance of this book we have become more aware and enlightened parents. Overall, this book exudes an energy of life and honesty. It is a refreshing addition to the run of the mill parenting guide. Thank you Rami!

    Jamie Busch, Father from New Jersey