Parenting Healthy Children: Does Western Medicine Actually Help?

Everyone wants to know what parenting healthy children really means. After all, there's nothing worse for a parent than watching a child struggle with some illness or disease, even if it's only the "common cold." But what does parenting healthy children really mean, and do doctors, nurses, and Western medicine in general really help?

According to the excellent book Healing Our Children, "Our medical system is killing us, and reaping huge profits from it (8)." That's a bold statement, but taking it to heart can mean a whole new parenting paradigm for you, and it can mean healthy, whole children instead of weak, disease-ridden children who are constantly needing to be taken to the doctor.

According to the excellent book Healing Our Children, "Our medical system is killing us, and reaping huge profits from it (8)." That's a bold statement, but taking it to heart can mean a whole new parenting paradigm for you, and it can mean healthy, whole children instead of weak, disease-ridden children who are constantly needing to be taken to the doctor."parents

Unfortunately, many modern parents live in this world right now - the world where they can't make a difference in their children's health because they aren't responsible. So now we have a strange mixture of overly-responsible "helicopter parents" who don't take responsibility for the actual health and well-being of their children

What disease really is

Before you can understand why Western medicine doesn't help much at all in our quest to parent healthier children, you need to understand what really causes disease. It's not germs, like you've been led to believe your entire life! Instead, the true root cause of disease is the body.

In the natural course of life, toxins collect around the cells of our body. Many come from the foods we eat and other environmental factors, but some of those toxins are just by-products of cellular respiration - the process by which our cells stay alive. In a healthy body, toxic buildup is so low that the body can get rid of the toxins through natural means - sweating through the skin's pores, urinating and defecating, and even just breathing.

Unfortunately, though, we're now constantly surrounded by a pool of toxic materials, and our bodies have to resort to more dramatic means to try to get these toxins away from our cells. Here's what Healing Our Children has to say:

"When a collection of this [toxic] material in the body becomes too great to be eliminated through normal means, the body reacts, producing symptoms that we then call a disease. The inflammation on the skin is an attempt to push out toxic material that shouldn't be in the body. The coughing and sneezing are meant to expel toxic material from the body. The fever is meant to burn up dead and harmful material. Vomiting and diarrhea help with the body of substances that are making it sick. Tumors are a collection and storage of dead and acrid material that, due to blocked excretion channels in the body, could not escape (8)."

So, if disease is really just the body trying to get rid of toxic waste, how does Western medicine come into play?

Western medicine and healthy children

For one thing, Western medicine uses drugs that simply add more toxic material to the body, which is why so many of them have side effects that are almost worse than the symptoms of the problem they're trying to solve! For another thing, Western medicine actually over-stimulates glands in the body, which then produce more toxins because they are over-producing the hormones they're meant to produce naturally. In return, the glands become exhausted, and can no longer do their jobs properly.

Add all this to the fact that Western medicine is full of doctors and nurses who have little or no real time or compassion for their patients, and you end up with a rushed, hurried system that pushes toxic chemicals into the body in order to try to control the symptoms. Western medicine never actually helps with the root of the problem - the actual environment inside the body!

So what does this mean for parenting healthy children? It means that when you look to Western medicine as your savior, you're looking in the wrong place. Once in a while, medicine can come alongside the body and nature to help the healing process along, but more often than not, it simply makes things worse!

Instead of relying on Western medicine to solve the symptoms of the greater disease, it's time to take our children's health back into our own hands. By claiming responsibility for the interior environment of our own and our children's bodies, we'll be able to parent healthier, happier, more whole children whose bodies are rarely diseased because they rarely need to use drastic means to rid themselves of extra toxic materials.

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