Nature vs. Nurture: How Much Do Genetics Really Affect Your Health?

The nature vs. nurture debate has been around for decades, and it rages on still today. The basic question is "What affects your health or who you are more - genetics or formative choices during early childhood?" Sometimes, it seems like genetics really do have the upper hand, that if we inherit flawed or damaged genes, there's not much we can do to solve the problem. However, research from as far back as the 1930's actually shows that nurture, particularly in the form of diet, has a huge effect on who we are - especially at the level of our everyday health.

In the 1930's Dr. Weston Andrew Price, a dentist, started searching the world over for an answer to his burning question, "Why do those in modern civilizations so often get cavities?" Were cavities really a genetic problem mainly to be found among civilized whites, or was there more to it than that? Dr. Price's research with various indigenous people groups around the world turned up some very interesting answers to these questions.

Swiss Alpine Village Children

Near the beginning of his travels, Dr. Price visited the Loetschental Valley in the Swiss Alps, where he found people who ate what nature gave them and who had "neither physician nor dentist . . . neither policeman nor jail." In the villages where the native diet of dairy products and whole grains was still followed, Dr. Price found that children had remarkably good health and beautifully formed teeth. In villages, such as St. Moritz, where parents had begun to feel their children white flour products, canned vegetables and fruits, and sugary sweets, though, children started to experience problems.

Of course, one would expect that these children would have experienced more cavities due to sugar. However, the children also experienced bad formation of their dental arches, which led to crowded teeth not seen just the generation before them. Here's just an example:Healing Our Children: Teeths ExamplesIn this case, Dr. Price asserted that the problems of the children were not due to heredity, since these children's parents and grandparent's had fully-formed dental arches and very few health problems in general. Instead, Dr. Price attributed the changes to the changing diet of these mountain village people.

Scots in the Outer Hebrides

Next, Dr. Price visited the Scots in the Outer Hebrides, islands off the coast of Scotland. Here, native people largely still ate oats and oatcakes, some dairy products, and abundant amounts of fish from the sea. Here, Dr. Price found that within the same generation, diet can have a huge impact on healthHealing Our Children: Food effectsIn the photo above, you see two brothers, who by their very relationship share more DNA with one another than with any other human beings on the planet - including their parents. Despite this overlap of "nature" these brothers have turned out very differently because of "nurture." The less healthy brother on the left insisted on drinking sweetened coffee and eating processed flour products, while the older brother on the right was content to eat and drink the native products of the land that his parents had always fed him.

Clearly, genetics had less of an impact on the health of these two brothers than did nurture in the form of food. They lived the same lifestyle and did the same work, but the only difference between them was the foods they chose to eat! See what a big difference those choices made?

What it Means for You

While there's certainly some truth in genetics, since we know that physical and even certain personality characteristics can be passed from one generation to the next, it's faulty to believe that genetics are the sole influencer of our health. This belief, in fact, takes away much of our autonomy and ability to make healthy choices that will impact our own health and the health of our children.

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