How Children's Disease Happens

When we look at our human bodies from a biological and chemical viewpoint, we see that they are perfectly created by nature. The various parts of the body such as the heart, the cells, the DNA, all operate as if they had a will of their own. An example of this comes from Nobel Prize winner Alex Carrel (1912), who observed the perfection of a microscopic slice of the heart of a chicken. The slice was kept in a nutrientrich solution, replaced daily, and lived for 29 years. It only died when an assistant forgot to rinse the cells. Based on the results of this experiment, Dr. Carrel postulated:

The cell is immortal. It is merely the fluid in which it floats which degenerates. Renew this fluid . . . and . . . the pulsation of life may go on forever.

We find this observation confirmed in ordinary anatomy textbooks as well.

If the concentration [of fluid outside the cell] changes, so as to contain too much or too little of these [nutrients], the cells will become sick and act abnormally and eventually begin to die.

Dr. Albert V. Szent-Gyorgyi won the Nobel Prize in 1937 for discovering vitamin C. If the cell is perfect, he wondered, then how or why do we get sick?

Should then, man be the only imperfect creature kept alive in the face of all his imperfections only by means created by his own mind? If not, where do all these ailments come from?

In other words, if the cell was created with the potential for immortality, then illness, death and disease may come from somewhere else. Could that source be our own minds, as Dr. Szent-György postulated? Dr. Szent-György is not the only person to allude to some extraphysical source of disease and suffering.

The Yellow Emperor’s Classic on Internal Medicine is one of humanity’s oldest medical texts in existence. In a translation of this ancient Chinese work, we read of how the Yellow Emperor asked his health minister, Ch’I Po, about the true nature of disease. Why is it, he wonders, that people used to live to an old age with good health, and now people only live to half of that age and become weak and unhealthy? Ch’I Po responds by saying that in ancient times people understood the “Tao” (the way of being) and patterned themselves after the “Yin and Yang,” the two divine principles of creation—masculine and feminine—whose existence is reflected in nature. Ch’I Po continues by explaining how people exhaust their vital forces through reckless and overly stimulating behaviors. He gives the example of having sex while intoxicated. Today, excessively stimulating behaviors could be watching too much T.V., eating too many sweet foods, and seeking other forms of worldly stimulation (such as high risk sports and related activities) as a replacement for feeling alive. Ch’I Po further explains that the cravings for gratification of the senses dissipate one’s true essence. This happens because people have forgotten how to find contentment within themselves; they devote all their attention to amusement of their mind, thus cutting themselves off from Being, and the real joys of life.

Best-selling author of The Power of Now and A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle, calls this form of collective dysfunction the egoic mind. This is the “me” or the “my” story. It is a mental image and construction of ourselves produced by the mind. It is not real and has evolved out of a pseudo solution to deal with a world in which we didn’t receive the love and compassion which we wanted as infants and children. People then live a majority of their lives through this chaotic mind energy and are lost in thought, trying to add more to the story of themselves, and not really living. The human predicament is to be constantly thinking all the time, and not really living. It is almost like some other entity that takes us over. It is this egoic mind which has inflicted suffering on us and the planet. It is this insane mind which starts wars because negativity feeds this false self. The state of being identified with the voice in your head is believed to be a state of suffering. The mind, the voice, creates suffering and is a result of unhealed internal strife and suffering that most people have buried away. If when reading this you hear a voice or thought that says, “There is no such voice,” that is exactly the voice, and the energy that is a part of this life-denying self.

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