Taking Responsibility for Children's Health and Disease

A Paradigm of Personal Responsibility: During the time of Mr. Pasteur, there also lived another French scientist by the name of Antoine Béchamp. He believed . . . yes, hold your breath here . . . that germs do not cause disease. Rather, he believed that germs exist and evolve in relationship to the changing conditions of the ecosystem in which they live. In other words, it is the unhealthy environment inside your body that creates sickness by providing the fertile ground on which the germs can mutate into harmful forms. Thus, germs can mutate and take new shapes and forms, and do so in response to their environment. The change occurs in stages, in a progression from simpler to more complex forms. The simplest form of germs are microbes (primitive phase), then bacteria (middle phase), and then fungus (end phase). This idea is similar to a caterpillar morphing into a butterfly, or a tadpole into a frog. It is also similar to what is observed in nature, where only certain plants grow in a particular geographic region. A palm tree grows in the desert; a redwood tree grows in the temperate forest. Redwood trees don’t grow in the desert because that climate will not sustain them. Each plant exists in a symbiotic relationship to its geographical location, and only grows when certain conditions are met. But surely, you may be saying, the germ theory must be correct. It has been in application for over a hundred years now, giant corporations make billions off of its tenets, our medical establishment is based on it, and it is taught in schools and reported about in the media. Consider the fact that even Mr. Pasteur is said to have admitted on his death bed that “the microbe is nothing: the terrain is everything." Finally, newer live field microscopes which allow viewing of living samples at high magnifications show clear and irrefutable proof of microscopic forms evolving and changing in response to their terrain in a matter of seconds and minutes. This proves conclusively that pleomorphism is a real phenomenon and a part of our natural world.

There is evidence to suggest that microbes exist within the body to help the body clean and restore itself, and are a condition associated with a diseased state but are not the cause of disease per se. For example, tuberculosis is a disease blamed on a bacterium, yet renowned tuberculosis expert Walter R. Hadwen, M.D., states: “Nobody has ever found a tubercle bacillus in the earliest stages of tuberculosis.” In several more recent studies, parasites and bacteria such as E.coli (stuff we think is really dangerous), have been used to heal conditions in the body with remarkable efficacy.

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