Children's Disease Is Caused By Stagnant and Blocked Layers of Consciousness

If you try to figure out what the Universe is made of by staring at things with microscopes, or by using giant telescopes, or by looking and listening to the quiet voice within, you’ll probably come to the conclusion that this whole thing is quite unfathomable. If you ask a quantum physicist what the Universe is made of, he might point you towards one truth of the Universe: that this world, your body, and life itself are all pulsating fields of energy. And that this pulsating energy is not random, but has order to it and works in a harmonious way. This harmony requires an intelligence, which we call consciousness or awareness. And this intelligence, this awareness, is in our body. We are part of its design.

Consciousness resides in every atom of living matter, in every cell, in every molecule, in every tiniest fraction of living matter.

Traditional Chinese medicine, for example, has identified thousands of points and lines of energy, and has designed systems for stimulating those points with needles (acupuncture); one of many ways whereby you can affect the health of the entire body.

In disease (and children's disease), different layers of our Being, our life force—the energy and consciousness flowing through every fraction of matter, which creates our body—become blocked. So Nature can heal us, when we unblock the life-force.

I share this with you to illustrate one important point. Underlying every disease condition is a layer or block in our consciousness or being. This is an important key to self-responsibility for health. If there is a condition making us sick, then in some way, there is almost always something within us that we probably are not aware of that is making us sick. I’ll give you a simple example:

Say you feel unhappy—and most of us feel unhappy at least part of the day—and since you feel unhappy you have the counter thought that you deserve happiness and pleasure. So, you buy yourself a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie™ Ice Cream. You eat the entire thing. If a scenario like this happens often enough, you’ll start gaining weight, or experiencing digestive distress. Over time you can become sick. In the end, your feeling of unhappiness is what caused you to act in a way that made you sick. Do you see the connections? It is our feelings that drive us.

It is the control of our feelings that suppresses us. Our feelings, collectively, create disease and a culture of disease. In the last analysis, changing our feelings and beliefs is the first step on the path towards health. You can change these beliefs and feelings through acknowledging and accepting them, or merely by taking note of them. Then, it is much easier to make good decisions, and take effective action towards being healthy. Here are some key feelings and beliefs that make us sick. Notice if any of these resonate with you:

  • Self -punishment can create physical disease.
  • Self-hatred can cause disease.
  • Negative aspects in your personality can weaken you and cause disease.
  • Neglecting to take care of yourself and your body can promote disease.
  • A denial of pleasure in one’s life can create illness.

Physical health and well-being is totally regulated by and dependent upon the state of pleasure a human body is capable of allowing. Health and longevity are results of the capacity for pleasure… Any kind of physical illness or deterioration, therefore also physical death, as it were, is a manifestation of division, conflict, and denial of pleasure.

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