Death By Western Medicine

Western medicine has it wrong. Its drugs and surgeries usually, but not always, only suppress the symptoms of disease. Since most Western drugs are toxic by themselves, and cause “side effects” that add to disease, they themselves are a stimulating element to the body. Dr. Bieler explains in Food is Your Best Medicine that western drugs like penicillin are so toxic they are eliminated from the body within a few seconds. They work by over-stimulating exhausted glands such as the adrenals. As a result modern drugs drain the body of vital resources and nutrients.

When you consider what is required for healing, in its true light, what comes to mind? Healing requires warmth, compassion, and the awareness of the other as a human being. Western medicine does not usually embody these principles. Western medicine is about power over nature rather than yielding to nature. The body becomes the object whose unfortunate purpose is to be manipulated for a profit. Western medicine is the opposite of Robin Hood. It takes from the poor (the sick, the infirm and the dying) and gives their money to the rich tyrants, the pharmaceutical industry and the medical establishment. In a healthy society, treating disease would not come with such an exorbitant price tag.

According to a compilation of conservative statistics from medical associations and reports from hospitals across the country, the number one cause of death in the United States today is Western medicine. To be exact, the practices of Western medicine result in 783,936 deaths a year, at a cost of $282 billion per year. This research was compiled by medical researchers and doctors, and every count added to this figure came exclusively from published and peerreviewed scientific studies.

Our medical system is killing us, and reaping huge profits from it.

It is due to this astounding fact, which you won’t find in today’s newspaper headlines, that Dr. Matthias Rath, a respected physician and scientist who has pioneered many breakthroughs in the treatments of disease, filed a complaint against genocide and other crimes against humanity against the pharmaceutical industry, with the International Criminal Court in Hague. Pfizer Inc., Merck & Co., GlaxoSmithKline PLC, along with senior banking and government officials are named in the complaint. Learn more at

Activity: Take a moment to reflect here. You have felt within you that there is something profoundly wrong with life. You couldn’t put your finger on what was wrong and since nobody seems to be talking about it, it was easy to just shove the feeling into the closet. But you can feel it, resonate with it, your entire being is filled with this energy telling you something. But what? Listen to that feeling. Listen to, or feel what is moving through you right now. By reading this text you may temporarily disconnect from the cultural thought pattern of disease, which believes that disease is separate from us. This thought pattern is really saying that life is separate from you, that you are not a part of life. When you disconnect from these beliefs you start to reconnect to yourself. There is something within you that wants to be born into this world (not just your baby if you are pregnant!). It is the essential you, pure, whole and healthy. When our brains are stuffed with false thinking from childhood on, it becomes easier for us to lose ourselves in the world. This feeling, the burning I mentioned that is the driving force for writing this book, is within you, it is your awakening, the beginning of your return.

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