Concluding Words on the Disease Of “Modernization”

Our modern lifestyle makes us prone to physical degenerative disease. It increases our children’s risk for disease. Disease is not a cruel, incurable mistake made by Nature. Disease is a curable mistake made by humans, who violate their own nature.

One of the most tragic results of the errant ways in which we live is birth defects and the variety of diseases that affect our children. These diseases are not Nature’s accidents, but are usually caused by humans who do not give the body the right fuel and level of internal cleanliness to produce fine children. Let us not waste any more time with complicated theories of the causes of disease. Let us now acknowledge that disease is inflicted upon us not by a wrathful god or deity, but by our own wrath: the separated evil and unconscious instincts within us. The plague that we are a part of and unconsciously and haphazardly participate in is a reflection of our collective dark and stagnant inert layers of consciousness. To heal the plague, we must take responsibility in the place where we have ultimate control and power: with ourselves.

By correcting lifestyle disharmonies in our children we can, fully eliminate birth defects, miscarriages, and most if not all childhood diseases — as well as the now common degenerative diseases such as cancer and heart disease — in our children’s children. For thousands of years indigenous people lived in robust health, reaching the maximum potential in their lives. They lived fully, often peacefully, and to a ripe age with little physical pain or suffering caused by diseases common among us today. If we can simply mimic these practices, we will produce similar results today.

In light of this information, do you still want to practice and promote society’s ill and misguided ways?

Our cultural pain exists as a seeping wound. It has been passed down from one generation to the next. It existed within the European colonialists, who sought contact with native groups in order to “civilize” and exploit them. The pain dwelling in the colonial settlers of the United States motivated the genocide of millions of Native American people, as well as the enslavement of African peoples, during the formation of our nation. This pain resulted in a disconnected way of existing in which the perpetrator could not feel or connect with his victim’s pain. As a result, the colonialists lost an important spiritual truth: “that your brother’s and sister’s pain is as unavoidable as your own pain.” In the most severe state of numbness of the soul we derive pleasure from inflicting destruction and death upon others. Most of us, to some degree, still hold a piece of this inner numbness and unconsciously inflict subtle forms of suffering on ourselves and others.

This pain is passed from one generation to the next, from one culture to another, and most if not all of us carry or can tune into the residual violence that has been bestowed upon our native brothers and sisters. The pain comes not only from the violence that has taken place in this country, but from the destruction of native peoples around the planet, in Australia, Africa, South America, and beyond. I suggest you take a moment of silence to acknowledge and mourn this loss of life so that we can begin to heal both ourselves and others. The sins of the previous generations must be cleansed so that we can forge a path to the light and create a planet full of peace, harmony and brotherhood. We must acknowledge the tremendous tension field which exists across the globe, as hundreds of millions of humans, as well as animals and the Earth itself, are suffering as a result of our modernized ways.

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