How Your Child's Body Works to Maintain Health

How the Body Maintains Health on the Physical Level I may have convinced you that there is something wrong with the Western medical view of disease. This section will help give you a framework of a more holistic medical perspective, which is based on the research of Henry Bieler M.D., who was a practicing physician for more than 50 years.

1. The Digestive System Health

begins with good digestion. The inside of our digestive system, such as the small intestines, is extremely delicate and sensitive. The small intestine protects against the absorption of unnatural and detrimental food elements.26 You may have seen those online advertisements for intestinal cleansing that claim, “you won’t believe what’s inside of you.” When, after years and years of eating improper food and taking too many drugs or other substances, our body becomes unhealthy. Then the intestine stops working properly and the bacteria within it, which are meant to help us absorb and utilize our food, come out of balance. The result is an unhappy intestine. If we eat the wrong food, the intestines can get rid of it rapidly (diarrhea) or trap the food (constipation).Diarrhea is your body’s attempt to cleanse itself of unhealthy substances that have found their way into the intestine. Over time, eating modern foods destroys the protective mucous lining in the gut. Then, even healthy foods will be absorbed into the bloodstream too rapidly without complete breakdown and become toxic. This is what is known as leaky gut, and is the cause of many allergies and immune dysfunctions.

2. The Liver and Health

Many cultures believe that the liver is the most important organ in the body. The liver performs internal chemistry changes, cleanses poisons and stores fuel. What people don’t realize, writes Dr. Bieler, is that our liver hasn’t changed for thousands of years, while our diet has.

With civilization came gradual changes. But man’s liver didn’t change. It remained the old pre-civilization model.

When the liver gets overloaded and overburdened it can no longer clean up and purify the blood. Only then can disease occur. Toxic substances normally cleaned up by the liver thus circulate freely throughout the body via the blood stream, creating an unhealthy environment.

3. The Endocrine Glands and Health

Your glandular system is your body’s third line of defense against disease. If the liver is unable to neutralize irritants and toxins entering the body, the endocrine glands kick in. The purpose of the endocrine glands is to secrete hormones, the chemical messengers in our bodies. Three important glands are thyroid, pituitary and adrenal glands.

The adrenal glands lie on top of the kidneys, and are the fire that allows the processes of life to occur.

The thyroid gland is at the base of the neck below the Adam’s apple. The thyroid helps regulate the reparation of damaged or diseased body tissues; it regulates the heart beat, normal cell growth, and more.

The pituitary gland is situated inside the skull at the base of the brain, located directly behind the eyeballs. Its special function is to trigger other members of the endocrine system to produce their particular hormones.

The pituitary gland has tiny receptors on it that constantly monitor the blood and its chemistry. If the liver begins failing to clean up all the toxic material in the body (including material waste produced through normal metabolic functions of living), signals are sent to the adrenal and thyroid glands. These glands then help eliminate the toxic material through backup mechanisms. The adrenals will direct elimination through the kidneys (urine) and bowels. An example of this type of elimination could be a bladder infection, swelling or bloating, or frequent thirst with urination. The thyroid will direct elimination through the skin and internal smooth membranes within the body; an example of this could be a cough, directing substances out of the body through the throat, or a rash, directing substances out through the skin.

In this short section I hope I can convey to you this perspective of Western medicine treating the symptom and not the disease. If someone has a skin rash, it is very likely the body’s attempt to secrete toxic or irritating substances not processed and cleansed by the liver. This, by the way, is also what can cause acne—irritating substances in the blood being eliminated through the skin. If you put an ointment on the skin to stop the irritation you are not addressing the root of the problem, and quite possibly preventing the skin from excreting the toxic material that your body is trying to rid itself of. The health of our glands, which regulate our entire body, is intimately connected to our emotional, mental, relational and spiritual health. A complex examination of this connection is not appropriate at the moment, but merely holding the concept that all of our body’s processes are interconnected is an important part of understanding disease. If a part of our body is unhealthy, it is connected to different aspects of our life and personality, on different levels of our being and life experience.

Reclaim Your Health and Your Child's Health

What do you want for your life and your children’s lives? Do you want health or disease? Do you want responsibility or lack of responsibility? Usually, how we feel about our health is not totally in one direction or the other, but a mixture of different feelings and influences. That’s okay; hardly anybody is 100% aligned with being healthy. If you really feel that excitement to be healthy, then just feel it, even say it, “Yes, yes, I want to be healthy! I want to be free!” Being healthy is not just about making wise choices in the world. It is about coming into your true self; it is about being who you are. This is the force within us that heals. But it is you, with your active consciousness, who chooses to open the door to this greater reality. Let the love and peace enter your being, and you’ve made the first step towards reclaiming your responsibility towards health!

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