Vaccines Cause Autism

Until the age of 5-6 months old, an infant cannot even eat food and digest it well, they can only drink milk. Their bodies are completely undeveloped. It takes weeks and months for them to learn how to close their fingers properly. In this developing body we inject known carcinogens and poisons, and then our government tries to cover up this epidemic crime they are promoting.

Top Ten Reasons why vaccines cause autism:

1. Parent's know Vaccines Cause Autism

Ask any parent who has a child with autism, or symptoms associated with autism, and they will almost unanimously tell you that it happened after a vaccine, specifically the MMR vaccine. Jenny McCarthy's book, Louder Than Words, is one such example.

2. Vaccinations Contain Mercury and Aluminum

Firstly, vaccines contain both mercury and aluminum. See the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) additives chart.

We all know that we are not supposed to have much synthetic mercury in our body. Whether it is mercury from amalgam fillings, or mercury injected directly into our blood. During the supposed 1999-2002 phase out mercury in vaccines. The Centers for disease control suggested that pregnant women in their first trimester receive a dosage of mercury labeled as a "flu vaccine." (CDC MMWR 205;54 (41):1050-52)

After the phase out, aluminum content was increased in vaccines in HEP A. Babies who follow the CDC immunization schedule recieve 5mg (5000 mcg) of aluminum by 18 months of age.

1997 New England Journal of Medicine published a report that premature babies injected with aluminum build up a toxic level
that can cause neurological damage and mental handicaps at 18 months of age. (NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE 1997; 336 (22):1557-62)

"statisically signficant relationships" exist between both aluminum and mercury in vaccines to neurodevelopmental delays according to the U.S. Government.

3 Vaccines Exceed Aluminum Saftey level by 20-50 times.

A 12 pound baby at two months of age receives 1,225mcg of aluminum from their vaccine schedule, 50 times the saftey levels.

4. Unvaccinated Amish Children Don't Get Autism

In Lancaster County there should be about 100 cases of autism based upon the statistical occurance of autism in 22,000 people who live there. But there are only three cases. One was once a healthy child until the vaccine, who 24 hours after a vaccine stopped talking. The other child was adopted from China and received Mercury laden vaccines before coming to the United States. The third child may have had mercury or radiation exposure. Learn more at: Amish and Autism.

5. 10 times increase in Autism in the United Kingdom related to MMR Vaccine

There is a tenfold increase in autism among children between 1984 and 1994. MMR vaccine as introduced in the UK in 1988. In the US, a significant increase of autism occured after 1991 when the thimerosal-laden Hep B vaccine was
mandated for every newborn. 

6. Children are Not Born with Autism, therefore it is Enviromental

Children who have autism are not born with it. Autistic children are at first healthy and normal children. That means that the disorder is not genetic, but caused by some environmental influence.

7. Symptoms of Mercury Poisoning are Similar or the Same as Austism Symptoms

There are over 100 common traits between mercury poisoning symtpoms and autism symptoms.

8. Statistics Show Correlation with Autism Rate and Vaccines

The first two charts are rates of autism. The second two charts are usage of vaccines.

Autism and Vaccines on the Rise ChartNumber of Autism Cases Rising Chart

Vaccine Load on Children and Autism

Number of Vaccines Dramatically Rise

9. When Mercury is Removed from the Body - Autism symptoms leave.

This video goes into depth in understanding the autism/ vaccine connection, and is explained by a medical doctor.

10. Vaccinations Are Poisonous

Nobody denies that the purpose of the vaccine is to inject a "disabled" virus into the person, or a small amount of virus into the baby. The idea is that this will create immunity to a disease. Injecting chemicals and viruses into the body is the same as injecting poisons into the body. Tens of thousands of children are injured yearly from the vaccine program, and thousands die as a result of vaccination.



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