Should You Drink Raw Milk, or Whole Milk During Pregnancy?

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Many indigenous people created superb health using milk and milk products. These indigenous groups include: isolated Swiss, the Masai in Africa, the Anchola in Uganda, the Bahema and Balendu tribes in the Congo, many tribes along the Nile near Ethiopia, the Neurs in Sudan. Indigenous Arabs used camel milk, and Pathans in northern India ate soured curd. Due to their high calcium content, raw dairy products are essential to building bones.

During the 1920's, the question of whether to drink whole milk, or raw milk during pregnancy did not exist. Only raw milk was available, and milk was normally drunken in it's whole form. Skim milk is created by removing the cream from the milk. The cream is used to create butter and other dairy products. Skim milk is the remainder product, and does not contain the valuable fat.

Milk and Pregnancy Health

It is essential that the dairy food be raw. However, if raw dairy products are illegal in your state, try a top quality yogurt and take action to get your local laws changed. Unpasteurized cheese is almost universally available. In many states, many raw dairy products are illegal and this encourages a black market for raw milk. It is a sad state of affairs when one of the most nutritious foods on the planet is illegal to buy for human consumption.

Why Is Milk Pasteurized?

People were getting sick from filthy dairies in cities. These early city dairies had horrible conditions and people regularly got sick or even died from this milk made from confinement cows. A public campaign was launched to convince the public that pasteurized milk was safer than raw milk. The pasteurization allowed the consumption of the deadly milk with less health problems.

Pasteurizing milk kills the good bacteria and destroy's the vitamin content. Pasteurized milk has a loss of vitamins A, D and E. It also has been linked with many diseases. (Meanwhile raw milk is one of the safest foods we have due to it's probiotic contents.) People who think milk is unhealthy are referring to their experiences with pasteurized and usually homogenized milk.

That doesn't mean one should avoid milk altogether, but rather to seek out milk in it's "safe." form.

Real Healthy Whole Fat Milk

I have tried pasteurized milk and have regularly gotten sick from it. The pasteurization is done at high temperatures and it is just plain a sick process. It is designed to make undrinkable milk, drinkable. Meanwhile, raw milk, from pasture fed cows is life giving. In many societies, after the cow or goat is milked, if the milk isn't drunken immediately, it is preserved. Milk is transformed into cheese, cream cheese, kefir, cottage cheese, butter, butter milk and so on. The best way to drink milk is at room temperature.


The Truth About Raw Dairy and Pregnancy

Should You Drink Raw Milk, or Whole Milk During Pregnancy?

Drinking Milk During Pregnancy

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