What Your Children's Teeth Say About Their Health

When it comes to your child's health, what's the main thing you focus on? How energetic they are? How glowing their skin is? What about their teeth? Do you ever think about the health of your child's teeth as it relates to the rest of the body?

If you're like most parents, you probably put dental health off it its own little category, away from overall health and vitality. However, according to the book Healing Our Children, "It takes about a 25% imbalance of body chemistry to cause teeth to decay." That's a pretty big imbalance! Next time you head to the dentist, you might use the insight you gain there to understand more about your child's health in general.

Modern Foods and Tooth Decay

It's not rocket science: parents know that sugary sweets and acidic treats can cause tooth decay even in the healthiest of children. This is why you probably at least limit your child's intake of sugar-filled items and soda pop. Did you know, though, that even fruit juice can contribute to tooth decay because of its high concentration of acids and sugars?

What do sweets, pop, and fruit juice all have in common? They're all a part of a modernized diet, along with canned vegetables and fruits and processed wheat and grain products. These are all items that can cause the chemical imbalance in the human body - enough of an imbalance to cause tooth decay and a host of other problems.

For this reason alone, it's a good idea to make healthier choices for your children, including the choice to avoid processed modernized foods in favor of a more wholesome, natural diet.

Tooth Structure Matters, Too

Often, our dentists and orthodontists lead us to believe that there's nothing we can do about the structure of a child's teeth - how broad the dental arch is and whether all the teeth can be easily accommodated without braces or even dental surgery to remove some teeth that just won't fit. They say it's just a hereditary problem, and that having a mouth too small for your teeth isn't really a problem.

However, a mouth that's too small for the teeth it's naturally meant to accommodate can be just one symptom of a large variety of problems that come from our modern diet. In research done by Dr. Weston Andrew Price and others in the early to mid 1900's, we can see that even structural problems with the teeth and jaw can be related to dietary changes. Healing Our Children: Teeths ExamplesIn these photos, we see above a boy who has lived on a healthy, native diet for his entire life. His jaw and dental arches are well formed, like those of his family members who have also been on the same diet. The boy below looks much less healthy, and his narrow mouth and jaw don't allow enough room for his teeth to grow in straight and strong.

While we could attribute these differences to race or heredity, there are hundreds more pictures that Dr. Price took of families within the same culture where one generation had a beautiful, fully-formed face and the very next generation did not. The only difference between the generations was the food they ate!

As you can see from examples like these, heredity matters much less when it comes to the structure and overall health of the teeth than does foods!

You Have the Power

According to Healing Our Children, these findings by Dr. Price and others are empowering because they release you from being a victim of your heredity. Instead, you can start to make healthier choices for yourself and your children now by choosing healthy, wholesome foods rather than modernized foods that clearly cause so many problems. So the next time you head to the dentist's office, you can present a healthier, happier child whose mouth, as a window to her health in general, shows that she is as whole as can be.

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