Circumcision (Don't Do It!)

Healing Our Children Book Excerpt

Please do not circumcise your infant boy. If you could ask your child for permission to perform the procedure, he would tell you that he does not want to be circumcised

The Traditional Circumcision Rite

Circumcision as it is practiced today is much different from how it used to be practiced. As a religious rite of passage, it was done approximately at age 13. In ancient Jewish circumcision,
the entire foreskin was not cut off, but just a tiny bit of the tip, and only as a token.

There are many writings that describe how ancient Jews could conceal their circumcision by placing a small tie or other holder on their remaining foreskin, which was already a custom in Greek culture, where nudity was normal in public baths and other social interactions. While the traditional age of ancient circumcision is unclear it is likely that this tradition mimicked
the custom of many other native groups, and occurred close to the age of 13. It is possible that later religious traditions have changed to insist that circumcision occur during the infant stage when the boy is not able to protest.

Routine medical circumcision as practiced today is not the same procedure as the small token of foreskin taken as a rite of passage for adolescent boys. It is male genital mutilation. In the modern procedure, the entire foreskin is removed completely. How we progressed to removing the entire foreskin of infants just a few days old I do not know. I believe it is a very cruel mistake that we continue to circumcise newborn infants, no matter what the claimed reason. There is no biblical commandment that states, “Circumcise your newborn infant.” If
there were good religious or ceremonial reasons to circumcise boys in the United States, then we would need to use more traditional standards, and wait for the child to reach age thirteen. At that age, it is then possible to use local anesthesia
for pain, and the child understands what is happening, and has developed physically, emotionally and sexually while remaining completely intact. The advantage to holding off circumcision
until this age is that the boy will develop a relationship to his genitals as Nature intended. Nature intended for boys to have a
foreskin during their very early formative years. (Of course keep it through the rest of their lives.)

The foreskin is a guardian, and through childhood it protects and allows your son to experience a natural form of self-exploration. When an infant is circumcised, the erotic tip of his penis is prematurely exposed to his awareness. The process is excruciatingly painful. The imprint of the circumcised male is that life is painful, that having a penis is a cause of pain, and that one is punished for his masculinity. He may also believe
that it is normal for men to be sexually and physically abused. In about 80% of the world males are left as Nature intended. Circumcision does not prevent any type of disease in any way,
as popular propaganda and myths would have you believe.

Infants go into traumatic shock or scream violently when the flesh on the most sensitive part of their body is cut off. Circumcision can disrupt the child’s bonding with his
mother and cause the infant to act irritated. Side
effects include hemorrhage, infection, and even
in rare cases, death.

Conclusion about Circumcision

It's a painful and outdated practice which mutilates and "castrates" in a way the male infant. Don't do it.

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